Perfection vs Perfunctory – Which Is Better?

by Lauren McCabe on February 22, 2012

This is what I compare my perfctionist tendencies to: a pond on a  beautiful day. The clouds shine, the water shimmers, and  as I wade around and around in this beautiful, stagnant hole I go aboslutely nowhere.

This is what I compare my perfunctory tendicies to: a wild, racing river. The water rushes down crags, water falls, and valleys. It pours and roars, moving fast, onward through the next  wild piece of land, going everywhere.

Perfectionism is about staying back,  revisiting and revising.

Perfuntory is pushing forward, doing what needs to get done simply, mechanically so you can go and go and go.

Perfection is at the top of the charts, being perfunctory is somewhere in the middle.

This is my question: How do you balance perfection with getting things done? Is it beter to be perfect or perfunctory? What do you think?


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