Where To Go When You Have No Inspiration

by Lauren McCabe on June 19, 2012

I am obsessed with the big banana leaves in my backyard.

The way the sun pours inside them making them translucent, the way they stand big and tall with a wide open face. When I walk beneath them, they cast green shadows on my skin. In the damp glen of their forest, I breathe their dark shady color.

inspiration for writer's block

In the mornings, when I rise early to do work before work, I sometimes think those big translucent leaves are staring at me. My morning routine is the same, simple, every day: rise at dawn, alarm off, contacts in, brew tea, read news, tweet once, write until I leave.

And each morning, their routine is the same: hover in the window like a flock of wild fairies as I rise at dawn, brew tea, read news, tweet once, and write until I leave.

Yesterday, I couldn’t take them starting at me anymore. I slipped on a pair of shoes, scurried along the cobbled pathways until I came upon their green greatness – much larger in life -and reached out and touched their skin, cool and waxy to the touch.

And I’ll tell you this: I could describe the nuances of their big beautiful bodies forever, one crooked leaf-vein at a time.

But I’ll tell you this instead: the banana leaves in my backyard seduce me. They make me want to scour the world for beautiful moments like sun tangled in leafs. They make me want to sit beneath their shady fronds and write stories about light sifting through trees.

So maybe you have something like banana leafs to wake up to every morning that remake the same old tired sun and sky and rain into something beautiful, something worthy of art.

Find that thing. Hold it close. Use it to catapult the pen when you have writer’s block, the camera that you haven’t touched in years, your old tired body into that impossible task at hand: rise at dawn. Stare into the void. Make something. Out of nothing.

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