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Safer Glitter for You and the Environment

Lauren McCabeComment

I love glitter. I wear glitter for Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest and Halloween. I wear it when I'm brunching, parading and birthday-ing.

Sometimes when I'm mailing a bill, I'll even pour a little glitter in the envelope before because, New Orleans.

But last Mardi Gras a bunch of friends sent me articles about how plastic glitter is choking the ocean and, well, as a mermaid, this was troubling. 

So I went on the hunt for glitter products that are safe for me AND the environment. Here's what I have so far y'all:

for festivals & Parades


Lush Shimmy Shimmy.  A moisturizing block of shimmer. This iridescent, shea butter block glides onto your skin and covers you with shine courtesy of a synthetic mica blend.  My only qualm is the presence of the nefarious catch-all ingredient "fragrance," which may be masking not-so-nice chemicals, but.... this is truly the best glitter product I have found that doesn't choke mother earth with plastic, so I will take one for the team. 

Best for cooler weatherThe shea butter base gets melty during summer.

For an everyday glow

beautycounter shimmer oil.jpg

Beautycounter Glow Shimmer Oil.  A gold subtle glow. A shimmer oil that is safe. Phew. This gives off a coppery, subtle shine, meaning you'll glow like the sunset rather than sparkle like a disco ball, so if you're seeking luminosity rather than high-gloss glitter, you will love this. 

Amazing for Summer. Smother it on your legs for a sun-kissed glow. 

for date night

Kani Moon Milk. A perfumed light glitter. This Jasmine and mica infused body oil makes me feel like I'm a goddess floating around earth with perfumed skin and a celestial shimmer. Translation: it has a strong, but gorgeous jasmine scent and the glitter is very real and made of mica, so mother earth is fine. 

Apply this to your collar bone and shoulders for an amazing glimmer.