Mermaid Chronicles
Mermaid Chronicles


The origin

Mermaid Chronicles started as a travel blog in 2008, a year when my single goal in life was simple: travel. Everything I did led exactly to that.

Since then I have traveled and not traveled and traveled again. Worked and not worked and started a company and worked for someone else again. Things have gotten messy, things have worked themselves out, and things have gotten messy again. 

What we need to navigate this mess of life is advice that is enduring: wisdom. And what better creatures to whisper the wisdom of time immemorial than mermaids?



On Mermaid Chronicles, we will cover four topics


I believe the urge to explore new places is inherent to the human spirit. Discover new places for your travels, get inspired to get out of your comfort zone and learn practical tips on making it actually happen.


At its best, work allows us to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. At its worst, it can be REALLY bad. This section explores how to find a path to work that serves you and the world, and how to flourish once there.


 Love is beautiful and hard and intuitive and so human. We will explore the many twists and turns of love in this section, and the wonderfully exhilarating experience of connection.


 Body, mind and spirit. All three, when cared for, create happiness. I'll share my tips for staying well, including my favorite practices, products, recipes and workouts.


Where else You can FIND Me I teach corporate wellness and power yoga classes to create a strong, healthy New Orleans.

Safer beauty movement: I work as a consultant for Beautycounter, a company with a mission to get safer products in the hands of everyone. .

Work experience: From teaching surfing to building global brands, see my journey through work.